Rabu, Juni 15, 2011

Gratis Pixel Perfect Buttons 1.0

Halo pengunjung blog saya sekalian , kali ini saya kasih anda button - button yang cantik buat menghias website/blog2 anda sekalian,nih gan screenshotnya di bawah
Langsung aja agan/aganwati sedot disini

Jumat, Juni 10, 2011

Gratis 10 Template Flash + PSD File

Nih gan gratis 10 template  flash beserta file PSD nya, ya itung2 buat koleksi,,
langsung aja sedot disini

Kamis, Mei 26, 2011

WooThemes FaultPress v1.0.1 incl PSD for Wordpress

WooThemes FaultPress v1.0.1 incl PSD for Wordpress dESiGNERz-CREW.iNFO
FaultPress is our flagship pure 'application theme' for WordPress. Upon activation it totally transforms your install, empowering you and your team to refine your product by engaging the community, requesting bug reports and ticket submission. You can then delegate tasks amongst team members, assign bug fixes to milestones or version releases and discuss any issues via the built-in messages system.

2010.05.07 - version 1.0.1
* Maintenance release
* Fixed array error in template-edit-milestones
* Changed bug submitter role so they cannot add/delete posts
* New security functions for better multisite support
* Added widgets for non-active sidebar
* Attachments widget only displays when attachments exist
* Timezone fixes
* Fixed some localisation issues
* Attachment show full date/time of upload
* change priority colouring
* made mails to watchers bcc each person and send to members@yoursite.com
* made wp-activation use no template and made it work when the project is private
* Fixed status ordering when a ticket is not assigned


FREE YOlava Menu

Fancy menu was made popular by devthought, it is develop on top of the Mootools library. And later a jQuery version of this menu called lavalamp was made popular by Ganesh. This time I will show you how to achieve the same effect using the CSS3 new features.
FREE YOlava Menu

Note: Best viewed in a WebKit Browser (Safari and Chrome). This sample is just to demonstrate the capabilities of the new CSS3 features.

Source URL For FREE Software:

Link Demo:


CodeCanyon jQuery Banner Rotator / Slideshow - Rip 109046 Src

CodeCanyon jQuery Banner Rotator / Slideshow - Rip 109046 Src



This is a jQuery banner rotator plugin featuring multiple transitions. The thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners/ads. The banner rotator is also re-sizable and configurable through the plugin’s parameters.


Multiple transitions available. Also can set a different transition per slide.
Able to load unlimited number of images, each with customizable text description, tooltip, and hyperlink.
Show or hide components, including play/pause button, directional buttons, thumbnails, text panel, and tooltip.
Can set to automatically play on startup with customizable timer delay. Also, can set a different time delay for each slide.
Banner, thumbnails, and buttons are all resizable.
Text description panel can be set at different location and size.
Embed links and images inside html text description box.
Control panel can be set at different location.
Configurable tooltip for each thumbnail.
Can set text description and control panel to appear on mouseover.
Block & stripe sizes are configurable.


Kamis, Mei 05, 2011

Premium Accounts Hotfile, Fileserve, Megaupload

Premium Accounts

Hai pengunjung blog saya sekalian, sedikit share dan berbagi untuk anda yang suka download, kali ini saya akan berikan beberapa akun premium Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles, Hotfiles, dll
Silahkan download file rar dibawah ini untk mendapatkan akun premium dibeberapa situs download tersebut, cepatan ya , selagi akun - akun tersebut masih bisa dipakai